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The latest ranking of top Iranian companies: New achievements of Kharazmi Investment Group and its subsidiaries

07 February, 2017 11:29

Based on the recent evaluation and published ranking of the top Iranian companies by IMI100 (Industrial Management Institute), among top companies, Kharazmi Investment Group (LLP) and three of its subsidiaries have been able to accomplish high ranks and also significant optimization in IMI recent evaluation.

According to latest IMI evaluation Kharazmi Investment Group (LLP) has ranked within top 100 companies and it has successfully achieved a position among 10 leading companies in Iran.  Simultaneously, Sepehr Power and Energy Development Company and also Kharazmi Construction Development Company (Tose’e Sakhteman Kharazmi) in terms of sales have been able to stand in the following ranks 149 and 201. Sina Darou Laboratories Company, Niroo Parse Power Plant Development Company and Kharazmi IT Development Company have also been able to achieve the following ranks of 251, 414 and 435 among top 500 Iranian companies.

In addition, in terms of rapid growth, Sepehr Power and Energy Development Company and also Kharazmi Construction Development Company have successfully been able to attain the top 5 ranks in the second and third 100 category.

Kharazmi Investment Group (LLP) among 10 leading companies

In the most recent ranking evaluation, Kharazmi Investment Group (LLP) with 35% increase in sale compared to 2015, has ranked among 10 leading firms of the country.

The main criterion in choosing of the leading companies is the changes in sales which have been made in the last four years. According to other information which has been provided for IMI, the percentage of the sale has never declined in the recent years and this undoubtedly would be the most important criteria for its presence within the 10 leading companies. Kharazmi Group had a significant ascent in rank from 107 in the year 2015 to 71 in the 2016, making it possible to be among top 100 companies in country.

Sepehr Power and Energy Development Company

There are 5 categories in IMI evaluation and in each one 100 companies are introduced every year. In the recent evaluation of top 500 companies, 5 best companies have been introduced in the second catergory of the list. The main criterion in choosing of these companies is rapid growth in the last 4 years. Based on this fact, Sepehr Power and energy Development Company with 61 steps increase in rank has been able to achieve the rating of 149. According to presented statistics, this company experienced 148 percent growth in sale in 2016 compared to previous year.

Kharazmi Construction Development Company (Tose’e Sakhteman Kharazmi)

This company in the recent evaluation which was made by IMI in the year 2016 has successfully been able to attain the first place in the third category with the rank of 201, whereas in pervious year the rank of this company was 442 among 500 top companies. Kharazmi Construction in last fiscal year compared to the year before that has experienced 287 percent in growth.

The reason behind operation progress of Kharazmi Group

Based on this news, Kharazmi Investment Group has complied 7 years strategic plan with the purpose of creating sustainable wealth for generations in the year of 2012.

Standing among top 5 investment and holding groups in the country based on the value of total assets on balance sheet has been prioritized on the top of the group activities, according to strategic plan. In a way that the total assets of the company at the end of 2021 which is also the end of the 7 years strategic plan will be equivalent to one percent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the current rate.

Industrial Management Institute (IMI) has begun the process of evaluating the top 500 companies in Iran every year since 1998. The ranking is inspired by the mission of the Institute which is providing clear and useful information and statistics about countries' firms and also creating a brighter economic business environment than current trend in the country. This also assists policy makers and researchers for better extent of understanding of financial and economic structure of Iran.



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