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Sustainable Wealth Creation for Generations

18 December, 2015 12:37
Kharazmi Investment company’s operations and missions Demonstrated in Annual General Meeting

Sustainable Wealth Creation for Generations
Annual General Meeting of “Kharazmi Investment Company (joint stock co.) for financial year conduced on 21 June 2014 was held by more than 90 percent of shareholders of the company on 19 Oct in Tehran. Dr. Hojat ollah Seydi, CEO of the company demonstrated the performance of the company in the said financial year and the future plans of the company, too. “The codification of company strategic plan, entering to new areas of investment, optimizing the composition of existing investments and developing them, transmitting company from primary market to secondary market and raising the capital of the company are the main steps of the group that have been fulfilled up to now”, he said.
He said that the board of directors of “Kharazmi Investment Company” is drawn a draft for stock holders and stakeholders via codifying and approving the strategic plan of the company on Dec 2013, and added: according to 7 year-old strategic plan, on 21 June 2020 the company will be one of the top 50 companies of Iran and one of the top 5 investment companies as well as the top holdings of Iran in terms of total value of assets in the balance sheet. Also the value of the company’s assets will be equal to one percent of GDP in current prices and “Kharazmi Investment Company” will have the highest return rate among Iranian investment firms.
On the basis of 7 year-old strategic plan of the company, mission of “Kharazmi Investment Company” is to raise the wealth of stockholders via creating sustainable and high quality profit, he expressed and stated: contribute in economic development of the contry and raise the efficiency and proficiency of capital market are of our main goals. So the most basic motto of Kharazmi Group is “Sustainable Wealth Creation for Generations”.
CEO of Kharazmi investment company said, regarding to vision and mission set out in the strategic plan, Kharazmi Investment Company will expand its activities in different fields with the centrality of investment in the industries including Banking, Building, Mining, Energy (oil, gas and petroleum), IT, Commercial, Investment Market and other investment efficient opportunities, intends to be one of the top investment companies; and allocates the highest rank of return among the investment firms.

Realized Capital increase 113 Percent
The Extraordinary General Meeting on 9 Feb 2014 approved to raise the capital in two steps from 4685 to 15000 billion Rials, pointed out the managing director of “Kharazmi Investment Company” and said: in the first step, approving in Extraordinary General Meeting of stock holders and getting permission from the Securities and Exchange Organization on Feb 2014, raising the capital up to more than 113 percent was registered on Aug 2014. The aim was to perform part of required resources supply program from the sum of 4685 to 10000 billion Rials through charges and cashes up to 66.5 percent and from reserves of the company up to 46.9 percent

Investment Development
Purchase of “Montazer Ghaem Power plant”, “establishment of Tose’e Ma’aden Sadr-e- Jahan Company, purchase of share of Gol Gohar Iron & steel, increasing investment and joining as a member of directorate of Bank-e-Saderat are as the most important activities in the field of diversifying the portfolio structure of “Kharazmi Investment Company” in the route to get the strategic plans, he explained.
IT and banking industry with a focus on electronic payments system is the best main opportunities for investment in recent years; its perspective is growing, too, said the managing director of company and declared: “Kharazmi Investment Company” to identify opportunities with added value through investment in the shares of companies like “Kharazmi IT Development”, “Kharazmi Data Processing Company” and also being shareholder in “Iran Kish Credit Card Company”.
Managing director of “Kharazmi Investment Company” added: on the other hand, in order to increasing the clarification and identifying the stock value of Kharazmi IT Development Company, the stock offering plan of the company with the symbol of “Mafakher” get operations in the OTC second market during the aforesaid financial year which has faced with the welcome of micro finance and institutional investors.  
According to him, Kharazmi Group, buying 1.6 percent of Bank-e-Saderat stock with a suitable condition, has proceeded into the long-term investment in banking sector in one of the potential banks. “Kharazmi Investment Company” plays a role in macro policies of this great bank due to being as member in directorate of that. So, regarding the long-term objective of Kharazmi Group in diversifying the investment portfolio, it is expected to see the more development and balance of investments in target industries.

Net Profit growth up to 74 Percent
Generally the financial performance of the company for the fiscal year conduced to 21 June 2014 show the growth in operational and net profit equal to 64 and 74 percent respectively, said the Dr. Seydi.
He added: profit derived from investment in the mentioned fiscal year has increased up to 74 percent from 1535 to 2351 billion Rials.

The Future Plans of “Kharazmi Group”
Continuity of movement of group on the centrality of the 7- year old strategic plan is important, emphasized CEO of “Kharazmi Investment Company”and said: continous monitoring of portfolio of Kharazmi Company in order to proving the mentioned strategic plan via improving structure and risk management of group investments, developing investments in target industries so as to get the operational purposes of the plan, raising the activities of “Montazer Ghaem Power plant” such as productivity and efficiency of the power plant, increasing the exploitation coefficient, decreasing the finished cost of power production through modifying the structure of powerhouse fuel use and fulfilling operational proceeds for shortening the period of charges collection, and performing the operational plans of mine holding of mine development all over the world are of our main goals.

 Activity expansion through establishing the Oil, Gas, Petroleum Holding; investment development in the field of IT via Kharazmi IT Development (Mafakher) and restructuring that in the form of holding, raising the productivity and improving the performance of the companies of Kharazmi Group, implementing performance audit system in order to develop administrative processes, evaluating performance of companies of the group and programming for entering the companies to the Securities and Exchange Organization are other future plans of the company, he added.

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