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Kharazmi Group as a New Member of IME Board of Directors

24 January, 2016 12:09

Kharazmi Investment Company has been elected a as a new member of the Board of Directors of Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) in the annual General Assembly session of IME shareholders.


The session was held at Razi International Conference Hall on Monday 8 June 2015 and was chaired by Dr. Hojatollah Saydi, Managing Director of Kharazmi Investment Company and attended by over 78.6% of individual and institutional shareholders of IME, new members of the Board of Directors has been elected as follows, according to the votes they received respectively:


1-    Isfahan Steel Mill


2-    Bank Keshavarzi Brokerage Company


3-    Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company


4-    Tamin Petroleum, Petrochemical Investment Company


5-    Mellat Financial Group


6-    Kharazmi Investment Company


7-    Bahman Group


Also, according to the report, Khuzestan Steel Company and Mines and Metals Development Investment Company were elected as the two alternate members of the board of directors of Iran Mercantile Exchange.


According to the statute of Iran Mercantile Exchange, the members in IME board of directors are obligated to introduce their representatives within 10 days to Iran Mercantile Exchange for the verification of their professional competency.


It is to be said that the Kharazmi Investment Company which has been elected as a new member of the board of Iran Mercantile Exchange as an investment company has been active presence in the commodity exchange.

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