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Dr. Saydi Elected as Managing Director of Kharazmi Investment Company

19 March, 2014 22:06
Dr. Hojat ollah Saydi was appointed as managing director of Kharazmi Investment Company by members of directorate, and through a verdict from Chairman of the aforesaid company.According to the verdict, the valedictory and introduction meeting of prior and new managing directors of the company was convoked in "Spinas Hotel" before prominent and salient figures in the fields of Banking and Investment Market on Tuesday night.
In the meeting, Dr. Saydi declared: "I know this meeting neither introduction nor valedictory, because Dr. Karbasian can not be a valedictory manager, he has always been along with us, hoping to enjoy his kindness and experinences."
He added: "I would not consider this meeting as introdiction, too. I know myself as a little member in big family of Bank-e-Saderat. I have been working with Kharazmi Investment Company since ten years ago; the time I involved in working in Ghadir Investment Company. During that period of time, we had different and common interests, targets and activities."

Investment Market; an Instrument for Country Development
Saydi, expressing gratitude the prior founders and managers of Kharazmi Investment Company, stated: "I accepted management of Kharazmi Company honorably. I genuinely believe that the only strong tool for country development is "Investment Market". If we want to manage the Cash, optimize the allotment, manage to privatization and make economic growth stable, the only way would certainly be "Investment Market".
He added: "if we take a look at modern economic versions, we will realize the investment companies as driving force for counry development. These companies, gathering the little investments and injecting those to big national projects, have led to the prosperity of the projects. It should be mentioned that "Pension Funds" are often attended as bankrolls for these companies."
The managing director of Kharazmi Investment Company, emphasizing the important role of "Pension Funds" in Investment Market, declared: "privatization is not certainly possible with the small and family companies. If we want to surrender the Multi Billion Toman companies, privatization would not be successful, but generalization; meaning ownership development through Investment Market. That is a world reality that this pattern can be consequent. Development of many massive and huge national projects has been occured by Social Security Investment, Ghadir and Bank-e-Melli companies.
He said: "in my idea, establishing Common Stocks Companies is one of the greatest inventions of human. In fact, these companies were main factor for ownership development, countries progress and growth rise.
He, reminiscing the managerial and expertly structure of Kharazmi Investment Co and its affiliated companies as strong and robust structure, said: "all the affairs have always been implemented expertly".
Dr. Saydi emphasized: "with moral fiber, I have stepped in the field of management for Kharazmi Investment Co. So I hope to continue strongly the route drawn in the time of Dr. Karbasian with the cooperation and help of you all. Of course the perpetuity of this route is subjected to stockholders' support like Saderat and Maskan Banks and stockholders of company and professional view to this matter.

An overview on educational and professional experiences of Dr. Hojat ollah Saydi
The new managing director of Kharazmi Investment Co is of Ph.D from Allameh Tabatabaei University and has Business Accountant Certificate from Association of Chartered Accountants, UK.
Member of Directorate and Deputy Managing Director of Bank-e-Saderat of Iran in International Affairs; Deputy Managing Director and Member of Directorate in Ghadir Investment Co.; Deputy Chairman of Iran Khodro Co.; Member of Directorate in Bank-e-Maskan Investment Group Co.; Member, Association of Iranian Chartered Accountants Upper Board; Chairman of Sepahan and Kordestan Cement Companies; Member of Directorate of Iranian Investment Organizations; and Member of Directorates in Different Productive and Investment Companies are the main job experiences of Dr. Saydi.
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