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The latest ranking of top Iranian companies: New achievements of Kharazmi Investment Group and its subsidiaries

Tuesday ,07 February 2017 11:29
Based on the recent evaluation and published ranking of the top Iranian companies by IMI100 (Industrial Management Institute), among top companies, Kh...

Kharazmi Group as a New Member of IME Board of Directors

Sunday ,24 January 2016 12:09
Kharazmi Investment Company has been elected a as a new member of the Board of Directors of Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) in the annual General Assem...

Stability of kharazmi among the Most Active Listed Companies

Tuesday ,19 January 2016 12:12
According to latest reports released by the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran about ranking of  the 50 top most active listed companie...

Monitoring Survey of Kharazmi 7-Year Strategic Plan at Fourth Kharazami’s Nationwide Managerial Conference

Monday ,11 January 2016 12:35
The 4th nationwide conference of managers of Kharazmi Investment Group was opened on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 in the presence of over 70 senior man...

Sustainable Wealth Creation for Generations

Friday ,18 December 2015 12:37
Kharazmi Investment company’s operations and missions Demonstrated in Annual General Meeting Sustainable Wealth Creation for Generations Ann...

Kharazmi and Rise to New Horizons

Thursday ,01 May 2014 22:08
“Managers of Kharazmi Investment Group” Congress was held in 19-20 February in Shiraz. In this congress, Dr. Hojatollah ُSaydi, managing d...

Demesne of “Montazer Ghaem Powerhouse” by Kharazmi Group

Sunday ,27 April 2014 22:04
“Kharazmi Investment Company” purchased “Montazer Ghaem Powerhouse” from Bank-e-Saderat in the form of cash and installment pa...

Dr. Saydi Elected as Managing Director of Kharazmi Investment Company

Wednesday ,19 March 2014 22:06
Dr. Hojat ollah Saydi was appointed as managing director of Kharazmi Investment Company by members of directorate, and through a verdict from Chairman...

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