Homad Kids Complex




Location: Beside Azad Islamic university,  Azari Street, Homa Town, Ashrafi Esfahani highway


There is a vision and a goal to build a special complex exclusively for children. Development of Homa Complex has been begun by Tose’e Sakhteman Kharazmi is bringing that vision to reality. Homa complex is going to be a sixteen floor commercial, cultural and administrative complex. Children own a significant share of our national population and having a suitable and exclusive place for them is crucial in order to enhance their level of growth. Homa project is capable to provide internationally-standardized atmosphere for children, according to many conducted research on similar projects abroad. A total infrastructure of 63000 square meters in five floors of underground for the purpose of parking area, three commercial floors and some floors which will be dedicated to medical and children care, office administration, culture and sports purposes.






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