Members of the board


Homayoun Sheikh al-Eslami


  • Chairman of the board of Tose’e Sakhtman Kharazmi Company.
  • Chairman and The CEO of Leasing Gostar Asia a subsidiary of Maskan Bank.
  • Member of the board Ghadir commercial and industrial companies.
  • The CEO of Etezad Ghadir Invesment a subsidiary of Ghadir Investment Group.
  • The CFO and the financial consultant of Kish Informatics services a subsidiary of Iran Central Bank.


Hooshang Dadbin


  • The Deputy Chief of the board of directors in Tose’e Sakhteman Kharazmi Construction Co.
  • The Production Manager of Çamlıca Mosque project in Istanbul (The largest religious, cultural and tourist complex in Istanbul.
  • A member of the board of directors in Sazeh Sakhteman Iranian Co.
  • The project manager of 2500 unit project of Maskan Iran Khordo.
  • The CEO’s senior advisor of industrial condominium of Iran Khodro.
  • The CEO’s senior advisor in the development plan of Siman Sepahan factory.
  • The manager of Iran Khodro’s projects in Iran Khordo Sazeh Co.
  • The production manager of Artavil Tire factory.


Mahmoud Agha Jani


  • Obligated Member of the board in Tose’e Sakhtman Kharazmi Co.
  • 14 years of collaboration with Iranian Audit Organization as Auditor, Senior Auditor and Supervisor of Work.
  • Member of Iranian Accounting Society.
  • Iranian Institute of Certified Accountants (IICA).
  • Member of Iranian Financial Engineering Association (IFEA).
  • Member of the Iranian Association of Internal Auditors.
  • University lecturer.
  • Author of Accounting books.
  • Researcher.
  • Auditor of the Audit Institutes of Raymand and Partners, and Behbood Argham.
  • Ph.D. Student of Accounting.



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