Vision, Mission and Values

Visions and activities

Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi Company, which is a specialized firm in construction industry, is determined to be among top five construction firms in next five years with the specialty in areas of commercial and administrative complexes. The most significant objective of this company is to increase the value for stockholders, clients and buyers.


These are the strategies which have been used in order to achieve the mentioned goals:

  1.  Creating an outstanding brand that its main objective is to raise profit for stockholders and retain the interest of clients and customers.
  1. Design and implementation of specific projects for special purposes such as commercial and administrative complexes and some special complexes which provides specific services for children, like Homa Kids project.
  1. Strengthen the company's brand and become the leading brand in the construction industry.
  1. Attracting foreign and domestic partnerships in the field of investment and technical – engineering.
  1. Recruiting specialists in every field and promoting them through special training.
  1. Geographic variation in constructing, meanwhile maintaining a focus on existed competitive advantages.
  1. Altering the structure of the company with the hope of becoming a construction holding itself through participation in establishment of Bazaar Engineering Company and Building sales, participation in establishment of Building Supply Inc. and Specialized subsidiaries.
  1. Generating clean profit with an appropriate investment in order to strengthen the financial structure and preserve the equity.
  1. Creating an appropriate environment for the participation of committed employees and experts in order to have better economic development in the Iran.
  1. Preservation and optimal use of resources, facilities and talented employees in development and economics.
  1. Developing shares of company in respect of human welfare and environmental protection.
  2. Providing job opportunities and assisting the government in developing and prosperity of the country and deprivation policies of the government.

  1. New methods and approaches have been considered in order to improve and perhaps enhanced the construction projects.



  • Investment and legal partnership with individuals such as direct investments or the purchase and sale of shares within or outside of the country.
  • Conducting a research and implementing of any construction project such as residential, administrative, and commercial.
  • Receiving and obtaining credit or any kind of financial liabilities through civil partnerships with banks or any other financial institution and perhaps auctioning the completed units.
  • Attracting any individual investor in order to create, implement, develop and finishing the construction projects.
  • Consulting, supervising and at last implementing the construction projects through private contractors.
  • Establishing a standard system for notifying the status of any project.
  • Implementing any subsidiary part of any project through participating employer or conductor.
  •  Elevating the level of knowledge in construction through innovative methods and technology, and communicating with experts all around the world to exchange technical knowledge.
  • Procuring materials, equipments and construction machines through establishing factories or purchasing them from Iranian or foreigners providers in order to use and sell them to other allies.
  • Providing any kind of consultant toward importing and purchasing any construction machines, building materials or other supplies which are required in any construction project.
  • Providing lands meaning purchasing, leasing or acquisition through the mayoral office in order to implement construction projects.



  •  Increasing the quality of management and the way projects are being supervised and done.
  • Identifying the demands and needs of shareholders.
  • Cutting off the unnecessary expenses of the company toward better and more promising future.


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