Kharazmi Construction Development Company was established in 2007. The mission of the company is to provide services in various parts of construction value chain including Design, Construction and surveillance.

Today, the company’s capital is 1,000,000,000,000 Iranian Rials and it is working on several projects with the area of more than 90,000 square meters.



  • Providing and developing the required infrastructure in order to achieve the social and economical development plans of Iran.
  • Supplying requirements of company’s shareholders, institutions and governmental organizations in the shortest time with expected quality and great responsiveness is another bold goal of this firm.


Growth and development in Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi Co.

Kharazmi Construction Co. has begun some residential, administrative and commercial projects in very early time of its inception, even though the economical situation which was being faced by the time, was in stake of crisis. Having constructed completely all the mentioned projects and being successful in delivering them on time provided an absolutely excellent situation in order to start substantial investment in construction firm of the Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi Co.

Research and study on environmental, economical and political factors, with experts evaluating the investing opportunities in construction firm of company has brought many satisfying advantages for the investors and stakeholders. On the other hand, entering to the fields of huge commercial and administrative complexes inevitably is another significant improvement of Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi Co.

Toward these goals, the most important steps which have been taken so far are:


Growth in terms of utilization changes

Undoubtedly, one of the most important ways to grow in any construction firm is to have the flexibility on construction permits, which clearly the surplus value of changing in permits can be a very suitable way to increase profits in construction projects.

Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi Co. by taking advantage of its managers' and experts' undeniable and remarkable experiences both in engineering and technical fields has been able to proceed to obtain any license with maximum area, number of floors and utilization changes in each and every one of its projects. 



Growth in value by increasing the efficiency of the constructing process

One of the great functional characteristics of Kharazmi Construction is the profound performance in using financial resources available in company and also functional operations in projects, in a way that financing the projects through bank loans has given a very special financial structure to the company. Not only has the company taken a very striking  approach toward untangling the problems which may encounter throughout the projects but also does the company management try to write different contracts to participate with partners out of company in order to increase the performance of using the resources. These approaches are taken so that substantial profit is gained for Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi Co.


Growth in value through various investment portfolios

Although the necessity of building more than one million residential apartments every year is inevitable, the governmental policies have created huge obstacles toward that goal. Nevertheless, once families' economical needs are elevated and given the population pyramid of the country, development and prosperity of commercial properties and also special category such as children will be required more than ever.

Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi has taken a policy toward entering special fields of constructing. By preserving the variety of its portfolios, Touseye Sakhteman Kharazmi has taken actions toward selling and constructing greater special complexes. Implementation of projects such as Homa and Shaghayegh that they stand for outstanding recreational complexes has been directed toward this policy.


Growth in value through marketing and sales policy

One of the bottlenecks in the housing sector in Iran is without question the lack of development tools for building and financing institutions in the field of production and sale. In recent years, contractile policy which has been taken by financial institutions and banks has aggravated the problems of constructors. Despite the recession which can clearly be seen by every organization, the management of Kharazmi Construction has taken appropriate and perhaps excellent policies in marketing and sales in order to sell the completed projects with satisfying profit and preserve the assets of company, this claim can be easily perceived in the financial statements of Kharazmi Construction.

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